vLogger Adena Wilson and her group on the left side, Badian tour guides and officials on the right side, with Badian Mayor Carmen Lumain, 7th District Rep. Peter John Calderon, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, 7th District Provincial Board Members Jerome Librando and Christopher Baricuatro (at the podium)meet in Alcantara town, a neutral ground, for a dialogue to settle the issue on Badian tour guide packages. PHOTO GRABBED FROM SUGBO NEWS LIVESTREAM

CEBU PROVINCE, JULY 8, 2021 --- I was in the Municipality of Alcantara last July 7 to cover a meeting of Governor Gwendolyn Garcia with complaining guests of Kawasan Falls. One of them is "Yaya Sosyalera" identified as Adena Wilson of Moalboal, southwestern Cebu.


Her post of her experience on June 24 went viral. The video has received negative publicity. It was about a misunderstanding of rates collected by tour guides at the Kawasan Falls.

Vlogger Adena Wilson and her peers, in that meeting with Gov Gwen, apologized for the post but underscored that the vlog was not meant to put Badian in bad light but to seek explanation as to the package routes of tour services they availed in Kawasan.

Gov Gwen and Badian Mayor Carmen Lumain raised their take to the issue. Tourism Officer Donald Villarin also explained on the deductibles which sowed confusion to the guests. Councilor Mark Andrew Celestial Jorolan also vowed of a room for improvement on tour guiding services. 

The controversy ended on a happy note after Gov Gwen stepped in. She said that if it were other kinds of posts, she wouldn't mind. But since this is about the iconic destination that is Kawasan, she is compelled to intervene since Kawasan is a source of Cebuano pride.

No other waterfalls in the Province of Cebu has rivalled the awards and recognition that Kawasan reaped.

The LIVEstream report was done by "Sugbo News," the official news arm of the Cebu Provincial Government.#