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F2F classes in low-risk areas possible

“There’s no substitute for face-to-face classes, students absorb the lessons faster and deeper if they have interaction with their teachers and peers,” this according to Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Basic Education.

He pointed out that academic freeze is more dangerous.

An academic freeze or suspension of classes in the wake of a pandemic is seen to further result in learning losses, poor comprehension and retention, decline in the development of learning competencies and skills; and that distance learning modalities can just be an option for those who have no challenges in their Internet connectivity.

Gatchalian has advocated for face-to-face classes in areas where there are zero Covid-19 infection or low-risk areas such as island-provinces. He reiterated this now that classes are set to reopen by September this year.

He already expressed this position on the possibility of pilot sites for face-to-face classes in zero or low-risk areas over “One News PH” through Cito Beltran’s program “Agenda” early this year.

“There are areas na so remote or so far na they have never had Covid, so with proper health protocols, face-to-face classes can be conducted,” Gatchalian expressed in an official statement.

He identified of Batanes as one of around 400 local government units of over 1,000 LGUs found to be low-risk or has not recorded any Covid-19 infection.

Although Batanes first identified of nine active cases, it has regained its Covid-free status toward the end of April 2021.

Further, Gatchalian is candid on his intention to run for the vice presidential post, but only with Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio for a runningmate.

In an August 4 interview on ANC “Headstart” anchored by broadcaster Karen Davila, he confirmed he is open to run for vice president but only with Duterte saying he already signified his intention to seek a tandem with her.

“In fact I was the first one to be drafted into their team, I take it as an honor, in fact they drafted me early on; I think that was in March,” he pointed out.

“The last time we talked she’s still contemplating whether she will run or not…but definitely a lot of personalities have signified to run with her, and being a person with (public service) experience I also signified that. But then again everything is still fluid, as what I heard from the grapevine,” he added.

Albay 2nd District Rep. Clemente “Joey” Salceda, on August 4, expressed support to Gatchalian through

He said that the tandem of Duterte and her father, President Rodrigo Duterte, is least likely.

“Si Sara ayaw niya ng Duterte-Duterte…If Sara asks me I will suggest Sherwin Gatchalian as her vice president,” Salceda said.

The congressman pointed out that Gatchalian has a “good grasp in economic and business issues, which will be assets to any president.”

“I’ve worked with him on so many bills. He understands economics. So I think he will be a great asset to a president in terms of his grasp in business as well as of course, economics. That’s my personal assessment of all vice presidentiables. He is most qualified,” Salceda accentuated. #